You are at Old Tamil Actress Nisha Affected By Aids Disease

Old Tamil Actress Nisha Affected By Aids Disease

తెలుగు లో :ఎయిడ్స్ తో రజనీకాంత్,కమలహాసన్‌  హీరోయిన్ మరణపు అంచులలో..!

Very sad story of actress Nisha Noor, she was an actress of Tamil orgini , she had acted in adult movies , and movies like tick tick and Iyer the great , the News was that She died at a local hospital in Tamilnadu , while she was on treatment , she was picked up from streets in near death condition , Hospital tests proved that she had aids.

The picture of her holding the cup of tea laying down and in the right her beautiful face ,someone she shared her body with , never botherd come to her and look after , what was the sin she did , often stories of poverty , misery , tear, and passion to live facing problems and lifes tht reach no where are untold in the glamorous world of movies , only superstars and 'hot girls' get to be rich and marry some rich NRI BUSINESS MAN OR DOCTOR in USA OR DUBAI , and some of the unlucky ones like her are forced to lead life in solitude after the charm of her body is over.

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