You are at Special: 3 Important Highlights Of Kashmora

Special: 3 Important Highlights Of Kashmora

After the first look of Karthi from 'Kashmora' has been unveiled, curiosity levels on the project have reached peaks. Here are the 3 major highlights of the experimental film.

1. 360-degree Omnidirectional Camera

Makers of 'Kashmora' claim their film is the first one in India to use a 360-degree omnidirectional camera. Film's director Gokul said that the technologically advance camera is being used to film the introduction song and a unique action sequence. 'It is a multiple camera rig with a 360-degree field of view in the horizontal plane, or with a visual field that covers the entire sphere. Omnidirectional cameras are important in areas where large visual field coverage is needed, such as in panoramic photography,' said Gokul.

2. 3D Face Scan

Claimed to be a supernatural horror thriller, Kashmora boasts of the 3D face scanning technology. This technology enables to alter features of the actor's body as per the requirement. Apparently, Rajinikanth's Kochadaiyaan and Shah Rukh Khan 'Fan' makers have used 3D face scanning in the recent times.

3. Karthi's Triple Role

Karthi, for the first time in his career, will be seen in triple role in this film. One of the three roles will be of a menacing warlord, whose look was unveiled the other day. 'Kashmora' director Gokul has already signaled that the film will have a unique plot and screenplay. Audiences can witness this epic magic on screen for Diwali festival this year.

The film also stars Nayanthara and Sri Divya in important roles.

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