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Who is Behind Shweta Basu and Divya Sri's prostitution scandal?

Who is Behind Shweta Basu and Divya Sri's prostitution scandal,Sex Scandal,Shweta Basu,Divya Sri

South Indian ctress Sweta Basu Prasad caught in a prostitution scandal. South Indian actress Shruti Chandraleka was detained for murdering her husand. Another South Indian actress Divya Sri was also nabbed in a police raid in Guntur in flesh trade racket.

With all these cases cropping up all of sudden, it looks like the Police department is very keen in unraveling the scandalous mysteries of the South film industry.

Investigations are being carried out regarding the gangs involved in the case. Also linkups of the gangs involved in Shweta Basu and Divya Sri’s prostitution scandal has been made. Reports are that big names from the industry and business men are also majorly involved in the racket. However, there have been no clues revealed as to who these people are.

The names of those Industy big wigs and business men has to be revealed by the Police. 

The Public has no interest in knowing about those degenerate "businessmen", but they would love to see their names come to the fore so that their families – mothers, daughters, sisters and wives – and friends would get an insight into their recreational habits.

Flood of questions related to the prostitution scandal arise in the minds of the public.

Why the Police has let those big wiggies go without arresting them during police raids?

Why the Police has not revealed the names of those big heads linked to the scandal till today?

Did the Police accept any offer from those degenerate,  murky businessmen?

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