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Hansika: I don’t want to hurt Simbu

She has just turned 23, but actress Hansika speaks with a maturity that belies her age. One of the busiest actresses in Tamil cinema today, she hardly gets a breather, but she couldn't be happier. After some much-needed R&R and a fun vacation with her gal pals, Hansika is back in Chennai to shoot for Romeo Juliet with Jayam Ravi. In a candid conversation, the young actress talks about her movies and co-stars, why there is a lot of dignity in silence, the Simbu controversy, why she doesn't believe in the number game and more...

At the movies
I've a lot of films that are currently being shot — AranmanaiRomeo Juliet, Meagaamann, Vaalu, a film with Vishal, and one more which I'm yet to sign officially. Romeo Juliet is not about the Romeo and Juliet we know. These two characters are not completely in love, and fight a lot; but it is a very cute love story. In the first half, I'm the villain and in the second, the hero is the villain. Every couple will relate to it. Even I could relate to it. Aranamanai has been the toughest project by far — mentally and physically. I'm a very happy-go-lucky person and never take my characters home. I don't do homework, and like being spontaneous on set. But this story and character hit me too hard. It took me a day or two to get out of it. My mother, who saw me perform, cried on the set. As for Meagaamann, I am the only vibrant aspect in it. I play a cute, self-confident girl. She thinks this guy is head over heels in love with her, whereas that is not the case. I have tried doing tango for the first time. I practised and I was not very convinced on the first day, but I did not give up.

Co-stars are good company
Jayam Ravi and I get along like a house on fire. We constantly make fun of each other on the set. He might not come across like that, but he is very mischievous. Sometimes, I feel like I have to call up his wife and ask her how she handles him. There are days when sometimes I can't differentiate between Ravi and his son Aarav, of whom I'm very fond of. And, whenever I have worked with Ravi, he has just had a child. So, Ravi tells me, "Whenever I work with you, Aarthi is expecting." I was born on August 9 and his baby was born on August 10, and he tells me, "Hansu, I am very scared — there's another Leo in the house. I don't know how to handle it."

On friends in the industry
I can't pick names. I'm friends with most of them. They message me, call me, and we talk. I don't remember any co-star not wishing me on my birthday. We've bonded that way. I'm a home bird. And, I don't party in my workplace; I only go out in Mumbai. Acting is like a 9-to-6 job for me. I work, come back, go to the gym, am on my laptop and I enjoy that.

On the Simbu controversy
I've nothing to say. At least one person should keep quiet. Silence is my dignity. I come from a dignified family, so does the other person. There is no point in talking about it. He will say two words, I will say two words and at the end of it, I will get hurt. I don't want to hurt him. I still wish him the best. I've no regrets about that part of my life. I've moved on. One person should close the shutter down and say 'Let's not talk about it and let's not hurt each other'. Even if it were to come up 10 years later, I'd still keep quiet. There is no point in pointing fingers because there are three fingers pointing back at you.

Working with an ex
We worked together even after we broke up. It was fine. It is all in the past. People don't know that when there is something running in my mind, I start smiling. If I'm angry, I smile and blush. So, if I see him also, I blush sometimes. But I knew I had to work with him. We still have one film left to complete, but I will go on set, shoot and be happy.

On playing the number game
My biggest competition is myself. I know it sounds very cliched, yet it makes sense. I'm doing six movies, so I am competing with myself. It is tough. I don't believe in the number game. When you know you are doing something really well, then you give yourself a good rank and it doesn't matter if you are number 1 or number 2, or even number 48.

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