You are at Regina: I Am Not A Night Bird

Regina: I Am Not A Night Bird

There was a time when most Indians ate their dinner at 6 pm and went to bed by 8 pm. Times have changed and lifestyles have changed. Today, cities stay awake all night. People go out and party all night long just in cities like Bangkok where people usually eat and sleep during the day and become active from 5 pm onwards. They then party all night. Recently, a few scribes spotted Regina at a night club. After seeing them, Regina quickly explained that she was not a club-hopping person. “I don’t believe in club culture. In fact, I stay off clubs as a rule. But tonight is my best friend’s birthday. So, I came along for her. Otherwise, I am allergic to the whole scene,” explained Regina. “I spent a lot of time in Bangkok during the shooting of Power. But I never once partied there. You can check with the unit members. I come from a conservative family. In fact, my parents would not let me wear jeans back then. I only attend parties thrown by close friends. Even when I attend a party, I am up early in the morning and report on the sets by 8.30 am,” adds Regina. Well, wonder why she bothered to explain at all, as young girls her age are expected to go out and have fun. After all, that’s what being young is all about!

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