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When Akhil warned Nithin?


Hero Nitin and debuting youngster Akhil share a nice camaraderie. It's Nitin who has been encouraging the Akkineni lad to take up this VV Vinayak directorial. Here's an interesting thing.

The other day when Akhil is taking part in a Q&A session, Nitin first asked him, "hii akhil garuu, how much do u love mee?". Meeting this naughty question in crazy style, Akhil replied, "Nenu maatallo cheppaleka pothunaanu Nithiin garu".

Nitin's questions haven't stopped there. He shoot another one. "Whom do you like better in the movie.. Sayeshaa or Brahmanandam.. Dont say both!!". This question explored the best humorist in Akhil, as he takes no time to reply, "I am going to call Trivikram garu and complain to him that you are disturbing my chat".

The whole of Akhil's chatting session brought new energy in fans too looking at the positivity of this youngster. His debut film "Akhil", directed by VV Vinayak and produced by Nitin, is slated for November 11th release.

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