You are at Lavanya Tripati Holidaying in Bali

Lavanya Tripati Holidaying in Bali


Every celebrity these days is maintaining work-life balance quite well. Like Mahesh Babu who flies abroad with his family for a vacation whenever time permits, many others taking this route now. Andala Rakshasi Lavanya Tripathi has one such beautiful holiday recently as she landed in an exotic island to kick start celebrations.

Along with couple of friends, Lavanya has reached Bali, Indonesia to celebrate her recent success of "Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi". The gang has a gala time if we have to believe reports coming from Bali. While the actress haven't revealed any single detail about the trip, it's said to be quite personal one. While Lavanya has shared just one picture where she posed near the rocks, another one is doing rounds from the same tour. Along with her friend, our hottie is seen enjoying a waterfall in the night and what caught everyone's eye is her bikini look.

Seems like the exotic islands of Bali are really fortunate to get a glimpse of our hottie's bikini treat.

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