You are at Why Samantha Angry on this Director!

Why Samantha Angry on this Director!

I called him Rascal & Pig: Samantha

Here Samantha Angry on this Director, People assume Samantha is a calm person and doesn't looses her cool at all. In reality, She is short tempered and the only aspect that's saving her is that she don't show it.

Recently, A director had irritated her by shooting the same scene again and again for half-an-hour. In a fit of anger, Samantha scolded him with the words 'Rascal, Pig and etc.,' No one other than Sam knows that she was angry on that day and even scolded the director as she doesn't show it openly.

That's how Samantha takes revenge on people who test her patience. May be, Her fans take her as inspiration.

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