You are at Rajasekhar Ready to Act as Villain Opposite Chiru

Rajasekhar Ready to Act as Villain Opposite Chiru

It is common knowledge that actors Chiranjeevi and Rajasekhar are poles apart. Their off-screen enmity, which was enhanced with political rivalry, has been a talking point in film industry.  

Notwithstanding this, actor Rajasekhar has expressed his wish to act with Chiranjeevi. In a TV interview with his wife-actress Jeevitha, Rajasekhar publicly stated that he is interested to star opposite Chiru if he has got an opportunity. When Jeevitha questioned him whom would he love to act, if he gets an opportunity in a multi-starrer, Rajasekhar said the above, taking everyone by surprise. 

Rajasekhar added that he has no qualms in doing a villain role opposite Chiranjeevi provided the role has equal prominence.  However, Rajasekhar openly making this appeal is what caught attention. Is Rajasekhar offering olive branch to Chiru? Chiru, are you listening?

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