You are at Brahmi as Gabbar Singh!

Brahmi as Gabbar Singh!


Brahmanandam is the comedy king of Tollywood. From the day he started his career,Brahmanandam has been a busy actor and he is the first comedian in Tollywood to create the trend of taking remuneration per day.

Definitely, he will be seen in almost every film but now he is coming as lead role in a upcoming film and he will appear as Rubber Singh .This movie is going to be directed by Nagendra kumar of Kolimi fame.

Brahmi appeared for few seconds in Gababr Singh film and there is a dialogue in Movie which is Content Unnodiki Cut out Chaalu (Cutout is enough for a Contented Fellow). In the Same way, this title is enough to say how much fun is going to be there in the film.

Well, Brahmanandam is one of the senior artists in Tollywood and many feel that he has made right choice by choosing the comic title.

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