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Bandla Ganesh Clues on Chiru’s 150th Movie

Producers gives hints on Chiru's 150th

In most puzzling way, producer Bandla Ganesh has put up certain tweets that are shell shocking and confusing. No one knows why he tweeted them, but they are giving a secret message about Chiranjeevi's landmark 150th film.

At first he tweeted, “జైచిరంజీవా జగదేకవీరా ఆలస్యమేలయ వెండితెర నీదయా వెలుగు నింపరావయ!". And then he added the lines, “ఘరానా మొగుడు కి ఘన స్వాగతం.. రౌడీ అల్లుడుకి సుస్వాగతం..గాంగ్-లీడర్ కి నిలువెత్తు నీరాజనం!! “. Is he indicating that Chiranjeevi is starting his 150th in a couple of days or he is pushing Chiru hard to star the movie at the earliest?

Some insiders said, Ganesh has crucial information about Chiranjeevi's 150th flick and hence these tweets.

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