You are at Elephant in Avunu 2 Poster : Sensationalism

Elephant in Avunu 2 Poster : Sensationalism


As the posters of 'Avunu 2' were released sometime back, there was huge debate going on about the posters of the movie. It could be seen that heroine Poorna's saree is getting dragged by an elephant with trunk and she is held captive in between the animal's legs. The two headed elephant is scaring the heroine to death. What's the logic behind this poster?

We may assume that troubles are so stronger for Poorna this time inside the horror franchise, as elephant symbolises heavy strength and wilderness portrayed indicates that it is bad one. But don't beat your heads, wait. There is not much philosophy inside this poster, nor any hidden meaning. Creative chap Ravibabu stuns us with his comment on the poster.

"As I've portrayed an elephant scarifying the heroine, today you're asking me about it, otherwise you wouldn't talk about it. When there are ten posters pasted on a wall, I want everyone's eyeballs grabbed towards my posters. That's the only creative idea behind it", said Ravibabu, indicating that 'sensationalism' is the only element. We couldn't agree with you more. Avunu 2 hits cinemas on April 3.

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