You are at A Fan Used Pawan and Bunny To Hack College Website

A Fan Used Pawan and Bunny To Hack College Website

Bunny hacked a college website for Pawan Kalyan. The Bunny we are referring here is not Stylish Star Allu Arjun.A hacker, who uses the handle 'Bunny'.A hacking enthusiast entered  into the official website of  Lakireddy Balireddy College of Engineering in Krishna district's Mylavaram.

The hacker called himself as Bunny –Allu Arjun and  posted series of Pawan pictures along with  "Pawanism Zindabad" messages.After replacing the homepage with Pawan pictures the hacker ever left a comment that security of the site was very weak.

The college authorities said the website home page was restored but they are clueless about hackers and the  efforts were on to trace the hacker.Just few months ago someone who claimed to be a Pawan Kalyan fan morphed an image of the actor onto a currency note and it also created stir.

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