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InverView: krishna Vamsi Comments on Suresh Babu and Brahmanandam

In his recent interview, Krishna Vamsi opened up on differences with Prakash Raj & Suresh Babu, Going against formula and many more.

Q) Krishna Vamsi isn't ready to formulaic films and the same aspect has become a hurdle for you on few occasions.

Krishna Vamsi: I don't accept when someone suggest me to include Brahmanandam just for the sake of formula and commercial aspects. Even in the case of 'GAV', Several people have suggested me to cast Brahmi and even I thought about it for 2 days but there is no scope. Had if 'GAV' failed, These people would have pointed fingers at me.

Q) Clash with Producer Suresh Babu?

Krishna Vamsi: He approached me saying 'Tell me story, Let's do a film'. I said to him, 'Sir, First give an assurance that you will work with me. Then I will tell you the story'. Usually, I don't do film when someone approaches me casual mindset. First, They have to be firm on the decision that they will work with me and then I am ready to narrate any number of stories.

May be, That's because of my ignorance or inexperience. Later, My Boss (RGV) explained me that its not the right way to deal and a filmmaker has to convince the producer first. Later, I even apologized to Suresh Babu when we came face to face.

Q) These days, Importance of dialogues grew tremendously. Especially, The one-liners of Mahesh Babu that's been becoming a talking point.

Krishna Vamsi: I couldn't understand which film you were pointing out! I don't accept punch dialogues which are intent to make audience laugh or provoke. Dialogues in my films will be based on parameters of the characterization. Punch Dialogue is a separate wing and such things won't work in my kind of films.

Q) Differences with Prakash Raj?

Krishna Vamsi: That's because of ego. After Annayya asked me to put side differences and work together for a much better product, I obliged.

Q) Usually, Krishna Vamsi don't praise anyone for the heck of it. These days, You were found praising a lot. Is there a change in your way of dealing with people?

Krishna Vamsi: I don't think so! Why because I praised Nag in Ninne Pelladatha press meet and Mahesh at the time of Murari. If  I feel there is something really good about a person, I would definitely speak about it. But, I don't think I am in a position to praise someone for my selfish deeds. If such a situation arises, I would be happy to leave the Industry. You will know what kind of a person I am by watching my films.

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