You are at Samantha's family has a new addition

Samantha's family has a new addition

Samantha, the top Tollywood actress is not married yet but her family size seems to be raising. Even as rumors about her alleged affair with hero Siddharth continue, the actress becomes mother now! To everyone's surprise this was revealed by the actress herself!

The actress was going on Chennai roads recently when she found a beautiful dog. Without any wink she brought her home and adopted it. Not just that the actress even named her as NORI! This was all revealed by actress on her Twitter handle! The actress said it was a love at first sight with NORI!

Lol, Samantha too knows how to attract followers to her Twitter account! In any case, her cause to adopt a dog not buying deserves appreciation!

Stay in love Samantha sweetie, and enjoy being mom to NORI!

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