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Nayantara Reacts on TASMAC Video!

A video of Nayantara buying beer from a local liquor shop went viral few days ago. At first, People began assuming it might be a real one and began taking a dig at the actress. Actually, it was a scene shot for her upcoming flick 'Naanum Rowdy Dhaan' in the busy street of Pondicherry. While the footage was widely in circulation on social media, local newspapers have been cooking up sensational stories out it.

The usually quite calm Nayantara fumed, 'You call this News? Get the facts right before writing baseless reports' while responding to the speculations about the viral video.

Nayantara asked the writers who wrote articles on the footage why didn't they think even for a minute that a person like her who is easily recognised by the crowd would walk to a TASMAC shop t buy beer. "Without even understanding what is for the 'reel' and not 'real', These people giving this silly video more attention than it actually deserves," she shot-back.

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