You are at Sakshi Chowdary Too Hot in James Bond Movie!!

Sakshi Chowdary Too Hot in James Bond Movie!!

Chowdary's glamour heats up 'James Bond'

Hero Allari Naresh is looking forward for his upcoming flick “James Bond" to score a hit that is eluding him from long time. Seriously he is banking on lady-luck, as he recently got married to Virupa. Also another lady is also trying to bring him that luck.It is none other than the film's heroine Sakshi Chowdary. Have a look at the recently released 'coming soon' posters of “James Bond" and you'll know why. All those posters are splashed with the splendid curves of hottie Sakshi Chowdary as she flaunts her toned thighs with those naughty expressions on face.Probably this heroine glamour will help pull more crowds to theatres when the film releases, but Naresh should retain that confidence of audiences with the content.

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