You are at Poor Samantha Goes Off Social Circuit

Poor Samantha Goes Off Social Circuit

From being the ‘golden’ girl in Telugu, Samantha has turned into the lady with the iron leg in Tamil. There is a saying in Telugu which in short means that one must win at home before conquering the world. For Samantha, who is a Tamil girl, this dream remains unrealized. 

After her debut in Telugu, she had a smooth run to the top. Though she did have a few flops, her success ratio was high and she ruled the industry. But she wanted to prove herself in Tamil and she did Anjaan. The film has been declared an utter flop and Samantha’s dream has been shattered. Prior to the film’s release, Samantha said she was not wearing a bikini for the film. 

But in reality, Anjaan had Samantha doing one of the most glamourous roles of her career and she did enough skin show to please the front-benchers. Unable to face her fans, Samantha has gone off the radar is no longer active on Twitter. There was a time when she would make her presence felt every single day. But one flop changed it all. 

Right now, Samantha has been labeled an iron leg in Tamil. If her forthcoming film with Vijay, Kaththi flops, then she can bid adieu to the Tamil industry

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