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Hindi Movie Shades In Tuntari


There are those moments and experiences as cine audience when we watch a new film and get a Déjà vu feeling. It reminds us of another movie which has come in the past. Whether it is a coincidence or a free inspiration is something only the makers would know.

Currently, talk is making rounds about the trailer of the new film Thuntari featuring the variety hero with baritone voice Nara Rohith. Those who saw the trailer said it is showing some shades of the recent Bollywood flick Saala Khadoos featuring the chocolate hunk Madhavan and Ritika Singh.

Apparently, the crux of Thuntari revolves around boxing and same was the plot in Saala Khadoos. The only difference is, the characterization is different. However, Thuntari team members say there is no similarity and in fact their movie has a lot of comedy along with romance. Let us wait and watch.

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