You are at It's a senseless comparision!

It's a senseless comparision!

Big B and Rajni – Comparison is senseless

Amitabh Bachhan and Rajnikanth. They are two legends who are of a different league but enormous stardom and demi-god status. Rajni's craze of course leaped to new heights after his recent films, while Amit's iconic status remains the same at any given day. What if we have to talk about their voices?

“There is no point in comparing the voice of both Rajnikanth and Amitbah. You don't compare legends. It's unnecessary. I see no reason why this question is coming up", said Danush, when he is asked whose voice is more stunning, Rajni or Amitabh's. “It's a senseless comparision", Danush concluded.

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