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Why Kajal Spending Time With Aunty friends!

Generally one becomes aunt when their brother or sister bores a child. But in India, we call all married women as aunties and that applies to even starlets of the film industry. Glamour queen Kajal Agarwal turned 29 already but she isn’t looking at tying the knot as her career is still flourishing. Hwoever, her friends are not the similar case as they are getting married and some have kids too. 

Sharing her thoughts about those married friends, Kajal stated that some of her friends have become aunties. As she gets immense pleasure in meeting them during work breaks, the pretty beauty praised that friends mean a lot in her life. All this happened in fun and lighter vein, but Kajal is under the scanner as people may tend to call her aunty even as she will be crossing 30 years age soon. Careful Chandamama!!

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