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Mahesh Comedy Track Went For Kalyan Ram!


Patas is one of the best entertainers in recent times and the film has hilarious elements for common audience.Director Anil Ravipudi has handled a commercial subject quite maturely.

The has all pleasing elements for fans as well as mass audience. Writer Anil Ravipudi who turned as director has shown the first film fury from start to end.The film has many funny tracks and one among them was 801 episode using Ambulance.Now an interesting thing about the film came out.According to sources the episode was initially written for Mahesh starrer Aagadu movie under Sreenu Vaitla direction.

Its known that Aagadu film was written by Anil Ravipudi along with other writers Upendra Madhav and Praveen.Even though the movie is a flop, the dialogues of the movie worked big time. As per the sources Anil wrote 801 comedy track for Aagadu film but Sreenu Vaitla didn't used the concept.

Anil used the same in his directorial debut and it worked well and playing key role in film success.Anil had also worked as dialogue writer for movies like Daruvu, Kandireega and Shankam.

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