You are at Please Stop!!! I am So Beautiful : Samantha

Please Stop!!! I am So Beautiful : Samantha

Speculations rocked gossip columns on Samantha nose job in her recent trip to London. Earlier to this she had done the same job after Yem Maya Chesavey movie. If news believed this is second time for Samantha.

Samantha dubbed all the reports in her style. She said "Me, Nose Job! Stop It Please. Surgery is the one for who feels insecure, as far as iam so beautiful, do you feel is i required to me to go under go surgery ?". Beauty stunned reporters with her strong answer. Now, we don’t for sure that if all of this is true Although I think the nose job is real But, she did disappear quite a while right before the shoot and the Photoshoot for Attarintiki Daaredi. People though she looked too artificial which made her look old.

Sammu quite choosy in selecting the movies as her recent movies failed at box office. Series of failure causing a threat to Samantha's nick name lucky star. As per critics, If she wont get any success in next coming few movie definitely her career will be in trouble.

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