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Who Got Bored of Brahmanandam?

Reigning Comedian in tollywood, king of comedy Brahmanandam reached his career end? Is he loosing offers in top banners slowly? Audience got bored of his comedy? Why directors are going for other industries for new face of comedy?

Answer could be 'Yes' to an extent. Undoubtedly, Brahmanandam is one blessed comedian who had top gear career for generations. Also he is divinely gifted with 'face of laugh'. Just his presence on screen itself brings laughs in theaters. And, definitely he is one comedian, kept changing  or updating himself as per trends. Thats why he ruled for decades as highest remuneration paid comedian.

But now things turning little against for this ace comedian. New age directors going for fresh faces. Recently, Surendar reddy took bollywood comedian 'Rajpal Yadav' for 'Kick2'. And Srinu Vytla placed tamil comedian 'Santhanam' for 'My Name is Raju'.

Looking at these, many more aternatives might come in near future and that might give a set back to this 'King of comedy'.Only thing why our directors are going for other industries is tollywood raising comedians got 'Hero-itch' and even small time comedians falling for hero trap instead of settling as comedian. Sunil, sampoornesh,sapthagiri, dhanraj, tagubotu ramesh ..etc fall in these category.

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