You are at Shankar's I has run time threat

Shankar's I has run time threat

What's the dangerous sign of Shankar's I?

What's the aspect that's worrying the movie lovers who wish to watch Shankar's upcoming release 'I'? Are there any guesses?

The run time of 'I' Tamil version is 3 hours 9 minutes 11 seconds. While the First Half is 1 hour 35 minutes long, Second Half is 1 hour 34 minutes at length.

Whereas the Telugu version is slightly shorter in length. Its 3 hours 6 minutes and 27 minutes long.

None of the Telugu & Tamil films with over 3 hours run time have had successful run at the Box Office. Audience usually reject films with such huge run time as one can't focus for such a long period with anything ordinary. Of course, Shankar might be an exception! But, We can't rule out any chances as of now. Just wait for few more hours to know the actual potential of 'I'!

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