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Rana Refused RGV 'Golusu'?


Much hyped movie “Golusu" is supposed to be a movie that has to feature hero Rana Daggubati in the lead. However in the last minute, Rana got dropped out and Manchu Manoj has replaced him. There said to be a quite a big reason behind this movie.

As Rana Daggubati acted in Ram Gopal Varma's “Department" earlier, he got nice rapport with the leading director. But however when Ramu asked Rana to allot dates for “Golusu", Rana has said that he isn't free. At that time Rana is busy promoting his part for Bahubali and shooting for a Hindi movie. Upset with Rana's rejection, Ramu immediately narrated story to Manchu Manoj and finalised him. The director has revealed this to a media recently.

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