You are at Baahubali Crashing Systems!!

Baahubali Crashing Systems!!

It has been three weeks since Bahubali was released, yet the fizz around it refuses to die down.Baahuabli turned as hot Keyword in Google and people got busy with searching news about the film. All this is a good trend but there is also a flip side to it.As per reports some hackers have used this Baahubali for their own good.According to reports some mischief mongers have been using Baahubali as a lure to inject malware to the targeted systems. The virus or Baahubali malware will crash your system within seconds. Some people fall prey to it already and that is how we got to know about it.Well, if you are receiving a mail or message on your social networking ids to download Baahubali movie Complete version link then don't fall for it. It is actually a virus malware which will crash your system in no time

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