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Ajay Turns Villain In Pawan's Next


Talented actor seems to be getting some impressive roles these days. His roles in '24' and 'A Aa' got a very good appreciation. According to latest reports, Ajay got a super chance to play the role of a main villain in Pawan Kalyan's film.

Many actors dream of acting in Pawan Kalyan's films. Ajay reportedly had hit the bull's eye in this case. He might be playing the main antagonist in Pawan's film directed by SJ Surya. During the early stages of his career, Ajay acted in a minute role of a guy who teases Bhoomika and gets beaten up by Pawan in SJ Surya's 'Khushi'.

So, getting a chance to work as villain with the same team of Khusi is making Ajay very much excited said the sources. Very lucky. Isn't it?

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