You are at Naga Shouya Feels It As A huge responsibility !!

Naga Shouya Feels It As A huge responsibility !!

Niharika Konidala is in TV Studio ahead of the shoot of her maiden feature film. It was then Naga Shaurya who is playing lead in the movie came on line to share his views about Niharika and the project in their combination.When quizzed how do you felt when Mega Heroine's entry is happening with Your Movie, Naga Shaurya said: "I felt it as a huge responsibility. Why because, Mega Family fan base and huge expectations. So, I needn't do commit any mistakes as a hero. In fact, I have watched all the shows of Niharika and aware of her energy levels. So, To match up with her energy I should drink Red Bull before the take".Naga Shaurya believes this project is going to be a milestone for himself, Niharika and the Director Ramaraju. "Niharika has been very choosy. She picked up this project after hearing a lot of stories. So, I listened to the story after knowing that she signed the project as female lead. After the narration, I have become a slave to the Story," he shares.

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