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Why Kalyanram Colliding Balayya With Kick2 ?


If we have to call this a 'Nandamuri Nama Samavatsaram', then we need to appreciate Kalyanram for blowing the conch shell early. His 'Pataas' brought that enormous happiness to Nandamuri fans followed by Temper of Jr NTR. Before we see what Balayya will do with Lion, we hear that fans are upset with Kalyanram.

Recently it was declared that Raviteja's Kick 2 will be releasing on May 7th as there are chances for Bahubali to shift to a new date from May 15th. Kalyan Ram is producing this movie of Surender Reddy on NTR Arts Banner. He might have forgotten the fact that Balakrishna's Lion is gearing up for a release on May 1st, the Labour Day. That means there is only one week gap between the two releases, which makes it really tough for Balayya to amass a huge collection.

For him, a minimum of 4-5 weeks is required now to put a cool 35+ crore share on board for Balayya. In that case, Kalyanram should have left him with breathing space rather positioning Kick 2 right behind Lion. That's the thing where Nandamuri fans are little upset. Nandamuri hero's film is different from Nandamuri hero's production with outside hero, they say.

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