You are at Venkatesh is like a Brother to Me: Pawan Kalyan

Venkatesh is like a Brother to Me: Pawan Kalyan

HE is like a Brother to Me: Pawan Kalyan

Anchor Suma called up Pawan Kalyan & Venkatesh on stage and asked them few questions from fans point of view.

Suma) Your opinion about PK?

Venky: Only Power! Super Power!

Suma) Your opinion about Venky?

Pawan: He is like a brother to Me.
Suma) We heard that you have done some terrific dance in 3rd Song?

Pawan: Usually, I just walk in songs. But, This time I used my legs.

Suma) About Anup Rubens?

Venky: He has given a good music. I am really happy and I thank him for giving such wonderful music.

Pawan Kalyan: Two years ago, I launched Nithin's  film GJG audio composed by Anup. After listening to the last song in 'Gopala Gopala', I asked him to compose music for my next film too. Its not 'Gabbar Singh 2' but the film which is next to that film!

Suma) What are the topics you discuss when you are alone?

Pawan Kalyan: Nenu Chanuvuga Velledi Ayana Okari Intike. I used to collect DVDs from his home even before turning into actor. If films are set aside, Venkatesh garu is the only person I meet. We don't discuss about films much. I are more into spiritual things. I believe that's the reason we are sharing screen space with a film like 'Gopala Gopala'.

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