You are at Two Intervals for Baahubali Movie!!

Two Intervals for Baahubali Movie!!

Baahubali's two intervals secret unlocked

S. S. Rajamouli directed epic film, Baahubali, has been repeatedly getting featured in the news before its release date. The film is very special in many aspects and here is something that might satiate your curiosity a bit.Rajamouli is known for canning hair-rising interval bangs. His earlier films Simhadri , Chatrapathi and Magadhhera proved it.As per sources Jakkanna packed Bahubali with an amazing interval bang. What's more interesting is that this particular film is having another interval bang.No, there are no two intervals but here is the real story.As per sources Bahubali has a very intense screenplay along with a grand scale. The film is coming in two parts and S S Rajamouli has shaped it very cleverly to keep interst on second part too.

Inside news is that the first half will be filled with suspense and a lot of questions will be hitting the audience. There will be a wide range of emotional peaks as well. Audiences will walk out of the theatres after watching the part 1 with quite a few questions and open ended thoughts.And all the answers to that would be revealed in part 2. So people need to watch the second part too to enjoy the total flavour of the film. First part of the film gives only suspense and only part 2 reveals it. That is the reason we called it as two interval bangs.Post-production works are in full swing and the makers are confident that they can release the first part of Baahubali in the month of July 10 2015.

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