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Singer Sunitha in Pawan-Trivikram Movie


Sunitha is one of those rare beauties who wanted to stay behind the cameras for life, of course her voice is equally beautiful and arresting. She gave her voice for lots of heroines and many wonderful songs took life through her voice.

Now, this gorgeous singer is heard to be appearing in Pawan Kalyan's film, keeping her no-acting policy aside for second time. Sunitha earlier played a small role in Nayanthara's Anaamika and if reports are to be believed, Trivikram convinced her for a short yet crucial role in his next film with Pawan Kalyan.

It is more like a treat for her fans to watch her acting and that too in Powerstar's film. Looks like the beautiful singer will be signing more films in near future and needless to mention, there are takers if she gets really interested into acting.

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