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How Much Kajal Charging for Condoms Ad?

Heroine Kajal Agarwal is in verge of her career and she hardly had two to three films in hand.Now, there is grapevine that a noted condom company has approached the voluptuous and sexy Kajal Agarwal to be their brand ambassador and also do an ad for their company.

A leading condom brand company approached Kajal to endorse their product.Although she was reluctant to endorse the product she was lured by fat pay cheque.

As per reports Kajal  demanded a whopping 2.5 crores and asked them to make the advertisement in decent manner rather than erotic.They reportedly assured that flavour of the ad is not raunchy or erotic but it is more message oriented.

Kajal is currently busy with NTR Temper movie and many say that she will get marry post completion of the film.Some say that she is the best bet for the condom ad since she has that eroticism in her to raise the passions.

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