You are at Pic Talk: Harish Shankar Punch On Traffic

Pic Talk: Harish Shankar Punch On Traffic

Funny comment by Harish Shankar

Director Harish Shankar is always known for his humour and dialogues. Once again he proved that on his micro-blogging site as the packs a punch with simple revelation.Talking about the traffic in lower Manhattan area of New York, director Harish Shankar stated that, 'whether it is Manikonda or Manhattan, traffic is the same'. This sounds superb funny but its true. With the world growing faster in terms of use of motor vehicles, a top notch place like New York is going to be denser with cars.Right now, Harish Shankar and his team of “Subrahmanyam For Sale" are in the USA to film the flick's crucial scenes one lead casting.

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