You are at Interesting : Gona Ganna Reddy Story!

Interesting : Gona Ganna Reddy Story!

Allu Arjun Speech at Rudhramadevi Audio Launch

Rudrama Devi : Who is what in History and in Gunasekhar's Film

Gona Ganna Reddy - Adavi Bapiraju Story in 1945

This is an interesting novel to read and know about the Kakateyas.I am watching songs in YouTube and suddenly something pop-up with Rudrama devi book . This is related to the movie by Gunasekhar on Rudrama. Just browsed through those links and found many interesting things about kakateya rulers.Many people had different openions about kakateyas cast etc. Apart from those I found one interesting character in most of the articles..that is Gona Gonna Reddy. Then I started searching about his story and finally end up reading this Novel.

He is a thief..son of king....hero to the people..savior of Rudrama kingdome..a true lover..And...the real warrior.

Rudhramadevi Telugu Movie Review(3.0/5.0)

This story starts with kidnapping a prince on his marriage day.I have seen many movies with this kind of introduction to elevate heroism ..but this Novel was written in 1945. When all kings under the kakateyas planning to go against Rudrama , GGR controls everything and make Rudrama to think about her own life.She got married to a girl initially later got married Veerabhadra. He dedicates his life to save Rudrama kingdome..interesting thing is it was his choice to become thief to save the people and kakateyas and only it was known to Sivadevayya(Rudrama minister).This sounds me like a undercover cop/secret agent with some followers .In many movies hero character is narrated as undercover cop now a days..This story ends up in revealing the facts to people and getting married to his luv . After reading this Novel I can rename Gunasekhar movie.

Rudrama devi- Warrior queen to Warrior queen with a Diamond Sword(GGR).

Allu Arjun Speech at Rudhramadevi Audio Launch

Rudramadevi Official Trailer


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