You are at Trailer Talk: Baahubali - Rajamouli Wonder!!

Trailer Talk: Baahubali - Rajamouli Wonder!!

'Baahubali' theatrical trailer is finally out! Watch it to know why Rajamouli is one of the greatest directors of Indian Cinema.Transformation of Shivudu to Baahubali, Waterfall & War-field Sequences are terrific. Tamanna makes an impression with her glamourous avatar.The only dialogue of Prabhas in the promo - 'Neneppudu Choodani Kallu Nannu Devudi La Choostunnai....Nenu Evarini'.Special mention for MM Keeravani's background score which is simply outstanding. Senthil's Camera Work and Sabu Cyril's Art Direction is of superior quality. 'Baahubali' happened due one man, Mr Rajamouli. He's a Magician! What he created was never before seen on Indian screen. Kudos to Jakanna!

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