You are at 2 Lakh Fine for Piracy of Nenu Sailaja

2 Lakh Fine for Piracy of Nenu Sailaja


Energetic Hero Ram's Nenu Sailaja is doing decently well at the box office even in the second half of the movie release. The makers have now stepped up to rein the piracy which is hampering the movie collections.

Producer of the film announced that they are tracking the details of those who are downloading Nenu Sailaja Piracy and are planning to impose a fine of 2 Lakhs through Indian laws. For the first time a producer in Telugu is taking an action on viewers than on those uploading Piracy.

The Producer says recently an Australian court allowed Dallas Movie Buyers Club to impose a fine of 5000-7000 Australian Dollars. He also reminded how Warner Brothers in Hollywood imposed 20,000$ fine on every one who watch their films in piracy.

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