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Pawan Kalyan Impressed With Gopala Gopala Music!

The thing is Pawan Kalyan is impressed with Anoop Rubens work for 'Gopala Gopala' to such an extent that he utters ''I Luv u Anup' during his phone conversation with the composer. Needless to say this Young Man is on cloud nine at the moment.  

A short while ago,  Anoop Rubens shared, "PSPK OMG! Best day of my life!!! Pawan Kalyan sir just called and said 'I Luv u Anup!' Next line he said was 'We are working soon! Delighted".

Earlier,  Anoop Rubens remixed 'Tholi Prema' song for 'Gunde Jaari Gallanthayinde' and it worked out very well. This time he got the opportunity to compose music for Pawan Kalyan and he succeeded in leaving a huge impression. Even the composition he offered for 'Gopala Gopala' first look teaser received huge applause.

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