You are at will these kisses revive Madhu's career?

will these kisses revive Madhu's career?


Quite unexpectedly this struggling heroine has done a big stunt this time to fall in the attention many. As expected, it's Telugu hottie Madhu Shalini who got the kiss, but not dusky beauty Trisha.

Watch the posters of "Cheekati Rajyam" initially, it was felt that Trisha gets kissed by Kamal. But inside the film, it's Madhu Shalini who has locked lips with Kamal twice, not under romantic context, but in a situation where she wanted to save him from goons by diverting their attention. The big question that comes to anyone's mind is, will these kisses revive Madhu's career here?

Except acting in a couple of Ram Gopal Varma's films, Madhu Shalini has nothing in hand in Tollywood.

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