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BBM Kannada Version Produced By Allu Arjun


Star heroes and actors turning into Producers continue to be the trend. From bollywood to Kollywood to now Tollywood stars, all of them are investing in cinema what they earned in cinema. Mahesh Babu, Nithin, Pawan Kalyan, Ramcharan and now a new entrant is expected from the Allu Family.

Geetha Arts, owned by Allu Aravaind stands the biggest production house in Tollywood. But Allu Arjun following the current trend wants to host a Production house of his own. Though the initial information had it that Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi produced by Geetha arts in Telugu would be the same production house remaking it in other states too, the latest word of mouth has it that the Kanada version would be Produced By Allu Arjun.

Allu arjun has a great fan base in Malayalam as well as Kanada, so the Telugu film industry believes if BBM be made under his banner, his charisma would be a good add on to the Publicity of the film. The official announcement for the same is awaited but Allu Arjun is making a safe bet says TFI.

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