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Arshi Khan ICloud Account Hacked-Nude Pics Leaked


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Model and actress Arshi Khan is possibly the first Indian actress whose Apple iCloud account was hacked – an act which was part of the international hacking racket. At least Arshi Khan's case has come to light. There could be possibly more Indian actresses whose hacked and leaked photographs are floating around unknown to them. Coming back to Arshi Khan, her very private nude, semi-nude and other bikini photographs – about 25 of them in all were upload to a image sharing bulletin board and have been in circulation for the last 15-odd-days on the internet.


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Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan Hot Photoshoot Stills

Maybe nobody from the Western media noticed or recognized Arshi Khan's photographs which were circulating around. On Saturday, Bollywood and news portal published some of Arshi Khan's leaked images which were obtained from a chat forum. Flynn Remedios, “Arshi Khan's photographs were published and re-published many times on the internet and were floating around on Imgur, Reddit and Tumblr. Probably, nobody recognized her and her images were being passed off for some new or struggling Hollywood actor or model. One of my free-lance reporters brought this to my notice and we decided to publish the story. We have confirmed with Arshi Khan and she has admitted that the photographs are indeed hers. She requested us not to published the images at least not the nude or topless images and accordingly we have abstained from publishing the nude and semi-nude ones. We have only published a few bikini images to prove the point."
Says Arshi Khan Told, “I had shot the nude and some topless images about a year ago using my iPhone. They were very private and I remember deleting them within a day. I am surprised that these deleted images have surfaced about a year later. The bikini images I had shot again with my iPhone about 4-5 months ago. They were my personal images which I clicked in the changing room, some of them while doing a calendar shoot. These were personal, unedited and raw images and I am outraged that they have been released without my permission or authority. I never released them or authorized anyone to publish them. I am shocked that images stored on my iPhone have got leaked and published in the public domain. I was unaware that the auto-back-up facility on the iPhone was switched on. Maybe my friend who lives abroad and who gifted me the phone must have turned it on while setting up the device for me."
Arshi explains to that she was using an imported, network unlocked iPhone for about one year. I also have a Samsung Note 3 and a Samsung Tab, but since the photo quality of the iPhone is the best, I use the iPhone to click photographs."
Who is Arshi Khan?
Model Arshi Khan was selected as one of the finalists for the Ms. Bikini Online 2014 pageant. She has won various other pageants in the last one year including Miss Maharashtra Global Tourism which is part of the Miss Maharashtra King & Queen 2014 Pageant. She represented the State of Maharashtra at the Global Tourism glam event and conference – Miss Global Tourism 2014, She is also participate in the Miss Tourism Universe pageant to be held in Singapore later this year. She also won Miss Glory of the Earth 2014 and Miss Healthy India 2014.
Arshi Khan was born in Afghanistan but came to India when she was just four years old as her parents migrated back in India to Bhopal. She finished her school and college in Bhopal itself and was attracted towards theater since her early childhood. Acting brought her to Mumbai where she bagged many assignments in a short span of six months.
She was introduced to the famous stage personality Janaab Ehsaan Chishti, a famous theater director in Bhopal. “Ehsaan ji thought that I have a attractive face and figure and if I try and work hard, I can possibly make it as an actor. He used to instigate me and it was at Ehsaan ji's provocation that I started acting in various dramas in Bhopal city. I started getting offers for modeling and that's how I got assignments," Arshi Khan said.
Taking a cue from him, she got a break in a Tamil film 'Malli Mishtu' where she played the lead role opposite Tamil star Naresh and has not looked back since then.

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