You are at Ram Gopal Varma Opens On Rangeela Heroin Urmila!!

Ram Gopal Varma Opens On Rangeela Heroin Urmila!!

Director Ram Gopal Varma has made super hit "Rangeela" 20 years back and that became his big ticket to Bollywood. Post that stupendous hit, he became quite huge in the Bollywood arena. On this occasion he spoke at large about his lead lady than anyone else.

RGV said as follows:

"September 8th marks 20 years of Rangeela. I've to confess now that I was mesmerised with Urmila and her beauty. Her face to her figure to her personality to her persona to everything else about her was just divinity for me ....she's a painting and I was the frame maker..A painting has a meaning only if its contained in a frame and a frame doesn't have a meaning without a painting in it..But for a painting to be truly relished apart from the frame containing it,it also needs a right place to be displayed and that place was "Rangeela"

"The most motivating thing about "Rangeela" for me was to use the various aspects of the film medium to contain Urmila's beauty forever ..i wanted to shoot her in a way to make her a bench mark for women because for me she was and is a bench mark of a woman in every which way ..I would say that I never felt a more bigger high as a person looking at her in person and a more bigger cinematic high as a director than when I used to watch her through my camera

The only person I want to celebrate Rangeela after all these years is with the person who made it "Rangeeli"

"Thank you so much Urmila,for giving me the most memorable film of both my career and my life and I want to thank u much more for making my career and my life much much more richer by being in it", he signed off.

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