You are at Rs 25 Lakhs Nag's Chair Cost In Oopiri

Rs 25 Lakhs Nag's Chair Cost In Oopiri

'Oopiri' is about the equation between a wheelchair-bound billionaire and a small-time crook. One needs no brilliance to estimate the prominence of a wheelchair here. Can anybody guess how much did the chair used by Nagarjuna in 'Oopiri' cost?

As per insiders, Producer PVP shelled out as much as Rs 25 lakhs for the wheelchair alone. That's almost the amount a Star Comedian charges for a full-length role.

The sophisticated wheelchair used by Nagarjuna is a customized giving maximum priority to his comfort level. Unofficial reports give an impression that the same firm which manufactured customized wheelchair in 'The Intouchables' worked for 'Oopiri' as well.

In a film like 'Oopiri', Wheelchair is as important as any of the characters and hence the hefty cost is justified. March 25th - Its Time for Celebration!

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