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Oopiri 10 Days Collections:

Critically acclaimed Oopiri is doing steady business at the ticket window too. The film has collected a distributor share of 15.40 Crore by its second weekend in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Oopiri is running well outside the Telugu states also. Oopiri's Thamizh version Thozha has collected around 10 crore share in ten days.

Oopiri had a fabulous run at the overseas box office. It has collected $1.3 Million in US and racing towards the $1.5 M mark. The combined distributor share of Oopiri and Thozha in ten days is around 35 crore. The film needs to keep on doing well for the producer to breakeven.

It needs to collect another 15 crore share to be a safe venture for the producer. Although the film is performing to its potential, it still needs to do better due to the high production costs.

Here is the ten days collection:

Nizam5.85 Cr
Ceded 2.33 Cr
Uttarandhra 1.75 Cr
Godavari Districts2.16 Cr
Krishna, Guntur2.71 Cr
Nellore 0.6 Cr
Total AP and Nizam15.4 Cr

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