You are at Gopala Gopala Set to Release First Look on 29th

Gopala Gopala Set to Release First Look on 29th

Hyderabad: A lot of speculation surrounded Gopala Gopala, the Telugu remake of the Bollywood film Oh My God. There were reports of Pawan Kalyan not joining the sets on time and that he had made changes to the film’s script and to his character. While the rumours are still floating around, a source close to the unit says that Pawan Kalyan joined the set of Gopala Gopala on Wednesday and that the actor has also made an effort on the look of his character as a modern Lord Krishna and has not made any changes in the script. The director, Kishore Kumar Pardasany, said, “There have been no changes in the script and Pawan has never asked for it to be changed. His character will be on-screen for a duration of 25 minutes as in the original movie, played by Akshay Kumar.”

The movie’s shooting started recently and it has Pawan Kalyan donning the role of Lord Krishna while Venkatesh will be seen as the Lord’s devotee.

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