You are at Nayanthara denied entry into Malaysia

Nayanthara denied entry into Malaysia

It was just few days back superstar Rajinikanth name hits headlines due to a passport row. The actor was stopped by airport officials after he forgot the travel document before boarding to flight. Now it's turn of Nayantara to face the ire. Nayantara had to spend a whole night at airport following the mismatch of her name in her travel documents. Nayan was on Malaysia for a movie shoot and on her return trip to India the Malaysian airport officials prevented her from boarding a flight to India.

The actress photo and name did not match the one on the passport. Custom officials put several questions to the actress. Consequently, she had to stay back at the airport from Thursday evening to Friday morning. The issue was sorted out on Friday morning and she has travelled back to india. The actress original name was Diana Mariam Kurien but the passport was issued with her on screen name Nayanthara and it has caused the issue.

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