You are at Brahmi out, Santhanam In Charan's movie

Brahmi out, Santhanam In Charan's movie

Brahmanandam is not considered as just a side character or only a comedy character in films these days but he indeed turned a second hero. Brahmi is single handedly carrying the entire film on his shoulder and almost all  heroes are deliberately leaving major screen run-time to him.

Brahmi known for his roles in Sreenu Vaitla films.The star comedian who is the virtual hero of most Sreenu Vaitla's films has now become a trouble for him.Sreenu Vaitla who learnt lessons with Aagadu failure is busy with complete makeover on his casting.

After parting ways with his in-house writers Kona Venkat and Gopi Mohan now Sreenu is dumping his ‘own’ comedian Brahmanandam.As per sources the director has dumped ace comedian Brahmanandam for his next film with Cherry.As per sources he is bringing   Tamil star comedian Santhanam. The actor is known for his high remuneration and in spite of that Vytla created a special character for the actor in the film.

 ‘My Name Is Raju’  is a title that was in consideration for this movie.The movie shall be officially launched on the 27th of this January and will go onto sets from March.

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