You are at Girl sends nude pics to star hero fake mail id

Girl sends nude pics to star hero fake mail id

Fake email accounts are rampant and some of the people using them in bad way. It was high in case of celebs and  soem of the imposters using them on vested interests to lure innocent girls.

A similar case came to light lately and an imposter using Bollywood Hot hunk Hrithik name. Hrithik Roshan filed a police complaint alleging that someone has been using an email address similar to his and interacting with fans.

Hritik has been using an email if ‘’ for the past several years and he interacts with fans through this account, and talks to his celebrity fans. Besides this, he also uses Facebook and Twitter to interact with fans.

Meanwhile some of his friends received mails from ‘’.His friends thought that it was Hrithik and sent him email but didn’t receive a reply from him.After realizing this some contacted him directly and informed the same.

Hrithik found that it was a fake mail id and he was embarrassed after realizing a news  that a girl sent him provocative nude pictures in order to lure him to give some work for her in films.

As he felt it will tarnish his image Hrithik Roshan immediately filed a complaint with the Mumbai  and   asked the police to get the fake account terminated and also trace its owner.

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