You are at 'Hora Hori' Movie Trimmed by 15 Mins!!

'Hora Hori' Movie Trimmed by 15 Mins!!

Director Teja's "Hora Hori" was released on last Friday and got nailed by critics. But with audiences rushing to theatres to watch the director's hard efforts, thanks to the controversial talks of Teja on Mahesh and other star heroes, Teja is now doing some rescue job.As the film sounds slow in both first half and second half, Teja has now trimmed almost 15 minutes. He said that few audiences have complained about the slow pace of the film and hence he upped it by cutting out unwanted shots and couple of scenes. He expressed confidence that the film will sound like a proper commercial outing now.Real fate of the film will be known after first Monday, if all these tricks of Teja worked or not.

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